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August Attack: Six Secretly Funded Outside Groups Launch Ads Against Sherrod With Five Running Simultaneously As Third Party Spending Hits $15.2 Million In Effort To Keep Josh Mandel Afloat

Secretly funded third party groups have launched an all out attack against Sherrod Brown in the month of August, with six different groups attacking Sherrod including five different groups running ads simultaneously to lie about his record and keep Josh Mandel’s campaign afloat.

Pushing the total amount of outside spending against Sherrod Brown to $15.2 million, the six groups spending in August are:

Crossroads GPS – Spending $2.6 million this month

60 Plus – Spending 200k this month

Americans For Prosperity – Spending 76k on radio this month

Government Integrity Fund – Spending 557k this month

National Association Of Manufacturers – 256k this month

Chamber of Commerce – 354k this month

Total – $4 million

And Josh Mandel needs every penny. A small sampling of his August headlines are strikingly similar to every other month of Mandel’s campaign of errors.

Plain Dealer – Ohio Treasurer Mandel says US Sen Sherrod Brown has sent billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries: Pants On Fire!

Huffington Post – Josh Mandel, Ohio Senate candidate, adopts Southern accent as Romney watches

Toledo Blade – Democrats blast U.S. Senate candidate Mandel for ‘drawl’

TPM Livewire – Josh Mandel ad touts award from illusive conservative group

Columbus Dispatch – Op-Ed: Josh Mandel “becoming known as the candidate of the big lie”

Slate – Watch Josh Mandel “heroically refuse to respond to the question he’s getting”

Huffington Post – Josh Mandel, Ohio Tea Party-backed candidate, releases misleading ad 

Huffington Post – Josh Mandel, OH Senate candidate, accepts campaign donations from ‘radical’ cities

Without  Sherrod Brown remaining the number one target of secretly funded third party groups, Josh Mandel would’ve been out of this race a long time ago. Read more below.

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