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As The Next Board Of Deposit Meeting Approaches, Recall Josh Mandel’s Previous Week Of Headlines

Absentee Treasurer Blasted For Not Doing His Job While Raising $$$ In The Bahamas, Opposition To Job Saving Auto Rescue

COLUMBUS, OHIO – It was yet another absolutely brutal week for Ohio’s absentee Treasurer Josh Mandel who was blasted for not doing his job while jetting off to the Bahamas for a fundraiser and for his opposition to the job saving auto rescue. Mandel’s week prompted the Plain Dealer to ask “maybe Mandel can finally attend a Board of Deposit meeting in Columbus next Monday.”


Plain Dealer – Josh Mandel flew to Bahamas to give speech, raise cash from payday lenders

“Mandel held a fundraiser for his U.S. Senate election campaign while at the Bahamas resort, a spokesman acknowledged when the newspaper asked.”

Columbus Business Journals – Mandel flew to Bahamas for fundraiser, payday lender speech

“Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a candidate for U.S. Senate, went to the Bahamas to meet with the payday lending industry and to hold a fundraiser for his campaign…”

Huffington Post – Josh Mandel, Ohio GOP Senate Candidate, Raised Money From Payday Lenders In The Bahamas

“Josh Mandel, the Ohio Treasurer who is challenging Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), traveled to the Bahamas last Friday to give a speech to payday lenders and hold a fundraiser…”

AP – Report: Mandel takes US Senate day trip to Bahamas

“The Plain Dealer of Cleveland reports Mandel made the trip to Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island last Friday.”

Youngstown Vindicator – GOP Senate candidate blasted over negative auto-bailout remarks (Full Story)

“If it wasn’t for Sen. Brown, we wouldn’t have our jobs,” said Elizabeth Warren of North Jackson, an 18-year employee at the GM Lordstown plant and Brown’s invited guest to the president’s State of the Union address in January.”

Toledo Free Press – County Democrats criticize Mandel for opposing auto bailout

“To politicians like Josh Mandel, (Brown’s opponent), I was a number on a sheet of paper, a statistic flashing across the TV screen.”

TPM – Dems Slam Mandel For Holding Bahamas Fundraiser With Payday Loan Industry

“TPM asked Considine (Mandel’s spokesman) for a response to the DSCC’s attacks, and also for a copy of any prepared remarks from Mandel’s speech. Considine declined to comment further on the story.”

The Hill – Democrats hammer Sherrod Brown challenger over Bahamas fundraising

“The incident plays into a narrative about Mandel as an “absentee treasurer…”

Washington Post – The national right wing’s top Senate target: Ohio

“Brown is an outspoken working class progressive who has crafted a populist message that resonates among the blue collar white swing voters the GOP is fighting for…”

Plain Dealer – Editorial: Cheers & Jeers

“JEERS . . . to Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel who spent last Friday in the Bahamas, speaking to a trade group of payday lenders, then holding a fundraiser for his Senate campaign. We know politicians need to raise money, but the Republican couldn’t have waited for the weekend? The setting won’t be as nice, but maybe Mandel can finally attend a Board of Deposit meeting in Columbus next Monday.”