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FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Has Been Caught Lying More Than Any Politician In State History.

JOSH CLAIMS: Throughout this campaign I’ve always told the truth.

THE TRUTH: Josh Mandel has earned more “Pants on Fire” ratings from Politifact Ohio for peddling “false” and “ridiculous” claims than any other Ohio politician.

1. Josh Mandel has earned six “Pants on Fire” ratings from Politifact Ohio. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/29/12]

2. Josh Mandel was awarded the “Pants on Fire crown” by Politifact Ohio for earning the most “Pants on Fire” ratings of all Ohio politicians.  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/29/12]

Headline:  “Campaign Attacks Give Josh Mandel Pants On Fire Crown.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/29/12]

Mandel’s Free-Swinging Strategy Has Made Him The “Pants On Fire” Leader Of PolitiFact Ohio.  In July 2012, In July 2012, The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote “Mandel’s campaign said early on that it would mount a rigorous attack. He and several super PACs have lambasted Brown for being too liberal, too Washington and not right for Ohio. The free-swinging strategy has made Mandel the Pants on Fire leader of PolitiFact Ohio.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 7/29/12]

Since November 2011, Josh Mandel Has Received 6 “Pants On Fire” Ratings From PolitiFact For Statements He Has Made.  [Politifact, 11/18/11; Politifact, 12/7/11; Politifact, 03/20/12; PolitiFact, 6/15/12; PolitiFact, 7/20/12; PolitiFact, 8/13/12]