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FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Has Always Been A Rubber Stamp For GOP Party Bosses

JOSH CLAIMS: I’ll stand up to party bosses in Washington on both sides of the aisle.

THE TRUTH: Josh Mandel voted with Republicans more than 95 percent of the time when he was a state Rep. and he can’t be trusted to stand up to anyone in his own party.

1. Josh Mandel voted with Republicans 95.5% of the time during his four years in the Ohio House. [Dayton Daily News, 7/7/12]

Mandel Voted With Republicans 95.5% Of The Time During His Four Years In The Ohio House.  In July 2012, The Dayton Daily News reported “On the campaign trail, Republican Josh Mandel repeatedly assures supporters that in addition to standing up to Democrats and special interests in Washington, he’ll buck his own party when necessary while in the U.S. Senate.  But a Dayton Daily News investigation shows Mandel rarely opposed his party during his four years in the Ohio House, voting against the GOP on just 29 occasions during 654 votes, or about 4.5 percent of the time.”  [Dayton Daily News, 7/7/12]

Mandel Voted With Republicans 97.2% Of The Time His First Term In The State House And 94.2% The Second — Few Of The Departures Involved Controversial Issues.  In July 2012, The Dayton Daily News wrote “In his first two-year term, when the GOP controlled the Ohio House, Mandel voted with Republicans 97.2 percent of the time, according to the House clerk’s office. In his second term, when the Democrats were in charge, Mandel joined Republicans on 94.2 percent of the votes.  Few of the departures involved controversial issues. He joined with Democrats to impose a six-month moratorium on foreclosures and regulate mortgage servicers, increase criminal penalties for cockfighting, require school districts to teach kids about dating violence, change how legislative districts are drawn and set up how new gambling casinos will be regulated.”  [Dayton Daily News, 7/7/12]