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Josh Mandel, Ohio Senate Candidate, Calls Reporter ‘Out Of Touch With Reality’

Huffington Post – Republican Senate nominee for Ohio Josh Mandel told a local reporter that he “was out of touch with reality” when questioned over the truthfulness of accusations against his Democratic opponent.

Mandel, currently Ohio treasurer, was being questioned by Ted Hart, a reporter for NBC 4 in Columbus, Ohio, about a commercial where Mandel attacks his competitor, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D). Mandel accuses Brown of voting to bail out Wall Street banks and provide large bonuses for the executives of financial services companies. The questioning from Hart led Mandel to make the remark.

Hart had said in a voiceover that Brown had voted to ban bonuses to executives, a provision that a congressional conference committee removed from the final stimulus bill that Brown did vote for. The attack ad shows Mandel repeating that Brown voted for it, something that Hart noted was not true.

“Well, I think you’re just wrong and I think –” Mandel said.
“Really?” Hart responded.
“Respectfully, I think you’re out of touch with reality,” Mandel said to Hart.

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