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Josh Mandel Vs. John McCain On Richard Mourdock’s Reprehensible Comment That Pregnancy From Rape Is Something “God Intended To Happen”

Yet another high-profile Republican distanced himself from Richard Murdock’s reprehensible comment that pregnancy from rape is something “God intended to happen,” while Josh Mandel remains unbelievably silent.

WATCH: John McCain Threatens To Withdraw Endorsement For Mourdock, Calls On Him To Apologize

WATCHJosh Mandel refuses to denounce Richard Mourdock’s reprehensible comments about rape.

“Josh Mandel’s stunning refusal to denounce Richard Mourdock’s statement that pregnancy from rape is something God ‘intended’ even after the statement was read out loud to him is outrageous, offensive, and demands an immediate apology,” said Justin Barasky, spokesman for Friends of Sherrod Brown.


Mandel On Mourdock’s Comment That Pregnancies By Rape Are “Something God Intended”:  “I Think I’d Wanna See The Video Or See The Debate Before Commenting On That.”  In October 2012, when Josh Mandel was asked what he thought of Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock’s comment that pregnancy by rape is “something God intended,” Mandel replied, “I think I’d wanna see his comments, and see, is there a video of it?”  Mandel then said, “I think I’d wanna see the video or see the debate before commenting on that.”  When asked if he would make any exceptions for abortion, Mandel replied, “Well I think it’s important to protect the life of the mother, and I’m proud to be pro-life.” [Marc Kovac video, 10/24/12]