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LTE: Brown has done a great job; opponent has ignored duties

The Mansfield News Journal – The recent attack on Sherrod Brown by his opponent in the upcoming November election for U.S. senator, Josh Mandel, can only be classified as “dirty pool.” It was not even a political attack, but a dredge up from more than 15 years ago of a personal issue that has absolutely no bearing on Sen. Brown’s qualifications to do his job.

My suggestion would be for Josh Mandel to hold up a mirror to his own record, which reads less than impressive for Brownie points (my sincere apologies to the Brownies). He ran for state treasurer, was elected and after only 87 days in office, turned his back on his duties and opted to run for another office, while missing most of the meetings he should have been attending. If this isn’t a dereliction of duty, I don’t know what is. I’d say the rungs on the ladder he’s climbing might be wearing somewhat thin at this point.

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