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Sen. Sherrod Brown Accepts City Club Debate In Cleveland, Urges Josh Mandel To Do The Same

Will Mandel Be Willing To Answer For His Numerous Lies And Anti Middle Class Agenda?

Today, the Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign responded to an invitation from the City Club of Cleveland, agreeing to either of two proposed dates for a debate with Josh Mandel.

Josh Mandel, who has cemented his reputation as politician who can’t be trusted by doubling down on lies that have been thoroughly debunked as false, refusing to tell Ohioans where he stands on critical issues and even running away from reporters, now must make good on his campaign pledge to debate at The City Club and choose one of the following proposed dates: October 1, or 8.

Sen. Sherrod Brown immediately accepted the debate invitation from the City Club. Will Josh Mandel?

“The City Club provides the perfect venue for Josh Mandel to finally come clean by explaining his promise to repeat debunked lies from now through November, his refusal to tell Ohioans where he stands on critical issues like Sherrod’s bill to crack down on Chinese currency manipulation and the numerous scandals that have plagued his office since his swearing in,” said Sadie Weiner, spokesperson for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “Sherrod looks forwarding to debating Josh Mandel, while Ohioans eagerly anticipate the opportunity for Josh to explain his numerous anti-middle class positions and defend his decisions to hire unqualified political cronies in the Treasurer’s office, blow off more than a year of billion-dollar investment meetings and accept shady campaign cash we now know is connected to an FBI probe.”


Mandel Campaign Committed To City Club Debate In The Fall.  In February 2012, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported “In an emailed statement, Considine said: ‘Our campaign informed the Cleveland City Club that Josh Mandel wouldn’t be attending their Republican primary debate due to scheduling conflicts. We also informed them that we are committed to participating in the City Club debate with Sen. [Sherrod] Brown this fall.'” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/21/12]