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USA Today: Sen. Brown proposal boosts job hubs

Brown’s bill would establish a $600 million fund from which the Commerce Department would award grants to new manufacturing hubs.

Norwalk Reflector: Report: Extending, enhancing earned income tax would impact 618,000 Ohioans

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has released a new report showing that strengthening and enhancing the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which Ronald Reagan called “the most effective anti-poverty program in the U.S.,” would impact 618,000 Ohioans; sixth most in the country.

Daily Reporter: KitchenAid mixer demand creates 400 new Ohio jobs as Whirlpool Corp. plans to expand plant

The Whirlpool Corp., citing strong demand for its mixers and other small kitchen appliances made in Ohio, announced plans Friday to expand its Greenville plant and add 400 jobs.

Bloomberg Businessweek: The Jeep Plant Mitt Romney Said Was Moving to China Is Hiring 1,000 Workers in Ohio

Demand for Jeeps is so high that Chrysler workers are clocking 60 hours a week and still can’t keep up.

Portsmouth Daily Times: Brown bill encourages investment

Brown outlined details of the Manufacturing Communities Investment Act, new legislation which would build on the proven success of the NMTC.

NewsNet5: Sen. Brown co-sponsors law to help protect renters from unruly evictions

Sen. Sherrod Brown asked Congress Monday to pass new legislation that would protect renters from unruly evictions.

The Plain Dealer: Avon Lake Ford assembly plant workers applaud production of new truck models

To a resounding cheer from workers at its Abbe Road assembly plant, a Ford Motor Co. official on Friday unveiled one of two new truck models that will be produced at the plant, starting as early as 2015.