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He’s Not Just Bored Of Deposits – New Report Shows Mandel’s Blown Off Literally Dozens & Dozens Of Official State Meetings

If you thought Josh Mandel’s refusal to do his job only went as far as blowing off the Board of Deposit … boy, were you wrong. A new report by Salon has found that of the eight state boards that the Treasurer is charged with attending, Josh Mandel blew off every single meeting of every single one during his first year in office.

Ohio Association Of Professional Fire Fighters District 3 Endorses Senator Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate

“Since he was first elected to office, Senator Sherrod Brown has been a great friend to Ohio firefighters,” said Michael Taylor, Vice President of OAPFF District 3. “From fighting back against the ruthless attacks on collective bargaining rights to supporting the FIRE Act and SAFER programs, which help to keep our families and communities safe, Sherrod has always stood with firefighters and emergency personnel. The men and women of OAPFF District 3 are proud to work to re-elect Sherrod this November.”

Ad Watch: Mandel’s Latest Attack Ad A Misleading Attempt To Distract From His Tax Problem In 2010, Reputation As A Politician Who Can’t Be Trusted

Following a recent report revealing that he dodged paying taxes on his 2010 campaign staff during his campaign for treasurer, Josh Mandel is out with another attack ad against Sherrod Brown in an attempt to distract voters from his well earned reputation as a politician who can’t be trusted.

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Endorses Senator Sherrod Brown’s Reelection

“There is no greater friend to Ohio’s African American community and the middle class than Senator Sherrod Brown,” said Rep. Sandra Williams, President of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. “From leading the charge to rescue Ohio’s auto industry, expanding access to affordable health care and battling against efforts to limit voting rights, Sherrod has always fought for issues that matter to our community. For being a tireless advocate for Ohio’s African Americans, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus is proud to support Senator Sherrod Brown for reelection.”

New TV Ad: “Beginners” Highlights Cronyism In the Treasurer’s Office, Mandel’s Decision To Award Unqualified Political Aides With Top State Jobs

The Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign today released a new ad, “Beginners,” which highlights how Josh Mandel promised to hire “qualified financial professionals” in the Treasurer’s office during his 2010 campaign, but turned around and hired unqualified political cronies and friends upon his swearing in.

Veterans’ Jobs Bill Blocked

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Unfortunately, just yesterday, in the face of amazing progress, Senate Republicans took a step backwards and voted against a bill that would have created a $1 billion jobs program for our veterans—a program that would have potentially put thousands of veterans in Ohio and across the country back to work.

Volunteer spotlight: Janice from Cleveland

Janice has been volunteering for Democrats since 1982, so we sat down with her to find out what inspires her to make calls and canvass every day.