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Brown Campaign Comments On Latest Secretly-Funded Special Interest Attack On Behalf Of Josh Mandel

New Spending Adds To $11.5 Million In Outside Spending Against Brown – More Than Has Been Spent Against Any Senate Candidate In The Country. The Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign released the following statement from spokeswoman Sadie Weiner in response to the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity bus tour and radio ads against Sherrod Brown:

“It’s no surprise that the Koch brothers, following in the footsteps of Karl Rove, have come to Ohio to pile on to the $11.5 million in outside spending that Josh Mandel’s special interest friends have spent to boost his flailing campaign, but no bus tour can cover up the fact that Mandel is just another politician who can’t be trusted to show up for work, hire qualified staff, or accept campaign contributions that aren’t connected to an FBI investigation.”