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Josh Mandel Is Lying Again. Sherrod Brown The Only Candidate To Accept Cleveland City Club Debate

Josh Mandel Still Has Not Accepted A Single Proposed Debate, Including Cleveland City Club

Today, Sen. Sherrod Brown agreed to either of two proposed dates by the Cleveland City Club for a debate with Josh Mandel, becoming the only candidate in the Ohio Senate race to commit to an actual proposed debate. Despite proclaiming he has accepted three debates with Sen. Brown, Josh Mandel is lying, again.

Here are the facts:

  • The Cleveland City Club’s formal debate invitation proposed two specific dates, October 1 and October 8.
  • The Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign immediately accepted either proposed date. The Josh Mandel campaign has not accepted either proposed date.
  • When Josh Mandel claims to have accepted three debates with Sen. Sherrod Brown, he is lying. He has accepted ZERO proposed debates.

“Sen. Sherrod Brown is the only candidate in this race who has accepted a formal debate invitation with a specific date and a specific city,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “For Josh Mandel to claim he has accepted three debates when he hasn’t accepted the only debate on the table is the latest in a long string of lies by Mandel, who can’t be trusted to show up for work, hire qualified staff or accept campaign donations that don’t interest the FBI.”