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Mandel Takes Position On Hall Monitors, Refuses To Support Sherrod’s Bill That Stops Student Loan Interest Rates From Doubling, Explain Opposition To Auto Rescue

Bizarre Interview Takes Place After Mandel Visits Mahoning Valley, Home Of The Chevy Cruze Plant Now Thriving Because Of Auto Rescue

COLUMBUS, OHIO –Josh Mandel’s bizarre interview with the Youngstown Vindicator yesterday reads like a cold open script for Saturday Night Live.

Josh Mandel: Sherrod Brown is a “liar” because one time Politifact gave him a “false rating.”

Reporter: But in reality, you’re the one Politifact has repeatedly blasted for not telling the truth.

Josh Mandel: “They’re wrong.”

It gets better.

Reporter: What about Sherrod Brown’s student loans bill?

Josh Mandel: We must stop student loan interest rates from rising, but I’m not going to say how. Also I don’t think kids should talk in the hallway at school.

Leadership, Josh Mandel style: Taking a stand on talking in the hallway but not on a bill to stop Stafford loan interest rates from doubling.

Of course the best most disturbing part of the piece is where Josh Mandel flat out lies and claims he has no opinion on the auto rescue, instead of finally explaining why he opposed protecting the nearly 850,000 industry related jobs in Ohio:

“When asked Monday about the bailout, Mandel said he’s “never had a position” on it and still doesn’t.”

Pants on fire, Josh.

“Josh Mandel’s ridiculous attempt at lying to Mahoning Valley residents about his opposition to the auto rescue is not only insulting but it’s dangerous for Ohio’s middle class and the 850,000 auto industry related jobs in our state,” said Sadie Weiner, spokesperson for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “Ohioan’s don’t want a Senator who would have let our auto industry die and refuses to support a bill to stop student loan interest rates from doubling but thinks leadership means telling children not to talk in the hallways at school.”


Mandel Is A “Strong Supporter” Of School Uniforms And Has “No Problem” Prohibiting Students From Talking In Hallways Between Classes….  In May 2012, The Youngstown Vindicator wrote “During his talk with local NFIB members, Mandel said he is a ‘strong supporter of uniforms in schools,’ and has ‘no problem’ with not permitting students to talk in hallways between classes. Both are ways to instill discipline in students, said Mandel.”  [Youngstown Vindicator,5/15/12]

…But Mandel Would Not Say How He Would Keep Stafford Loan Interest Rates From Doubling In July.  In May 2012, The Youngstown Vindicator wrote “Mandel said he agrees a ‘solution’ is needed to stop student loan interest rates from increasing, but wouldn’t say how, except that everything should be done to keep the rates down.”  [Youngstown Vindicator, 5/15/12]

Despite Saying He “Respectfully Disagreed” That The Auto Resuce Saved The Auto Industry, Mandel Claimed That He’s Never Had A Position On The Rescue Plan And Still Doesn’t.  In May 2012, The Youngstown Vindicator reported “Mandel raised eyebrows in March when he told The Vindicator that he ‘respectfully disagreed’ that the $82 billion government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler in 2009 saved the auto industry. At the time, he said he was developing a plan to ‘rescue the auto industry.’  When asked Monday about the bailout, Mandel said he’s ‘never had a position’ on it and still doesn’t.”  [Youngstown Vindicator, 5/15/12]

Mandel Called Sen. Brown A “Liar” And Pointed To A June 2011 Politifact Ruling To Support His Accusation…  In May 2012, The Youngstown Vindicatorwrote “Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, said his opponent, incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown, is a ‘liar,’ who makes ‘false statements.’”  The Vindicator continued, “Mandel said PolitiFact determined Brown was ‘false’ when he said in June 2011 that a Republican plan would end Medicare. The senator has since amended the statement to include ‘as we know it.’”  [Youngstown Vindicator, 5/15/12]

…But When Reminded That He Has Had Numerous Statements Ruled “False,” “Mostly False,” Or “Pants On Fire” By Politifact, Mandel Replied “They’re Wrong.”  In May 2012, The Youngstown Vindicator reminded Josh Mandel “that PolitiFact found several of his statements to be ‘false,’ ‘mostly false,’ or ‘pants-on-fire,’ Mandel said: ‘I disagree with them. They’re wrong.’”  [Youngstown Vindicator, 5/15/12]

·         Since September 2011, Josh Mandel Has Had 6 Statements Ruled By Politifact To Be “Mostly False,” “False,” Or “Pants On Fire.”  Since September 2011 Politifact has ruled 7 separate statements made by Josh Mandel as “Mostly False,” “False,” or “Pants on Fire!”  [Politifact, 9/15/11; Politifact, 9/30/11; Politifact, 11/18/11; Politifact, 12/7/11; Politifact, 3/20/12;  Politifact, 4/5/12]


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