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As Congress debated reforms to our nation’s health insurance system, Sherrod worked to ensure that those reforms addressed glaring injustices for women. From prohibiting insurance companies from charging women higher premiums than men and denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions, to ensuring coverage of services such as maternity benefits and preventative care (such as mammograms), Sherrod fought for common sense measures that give Ohio families the care they need.


As a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Senator Sherrod Brown is in a unique position to deliver for Ohio’s veterans. Sen. Brown has fought to ensure the transition back to civilian life is as easy as possible for our veterans, working to encourage businesses to hire veterans, increase job training opportunities, and expanding educational opportunities.

African Americans

Sherrod Brown has always been a friend to Ohio’s African American Community, and with too many Ohioans still looking for work, his leadership is needed now more than ever. Senator Brown is fighting attacks on voting rights, helping to expand health insurance access and increase federal student aid, working with local communities on abandoned foreclosures and combating child hunger. Senator Brown’s efforts have earned him a 100% rating from the NAACP.


Sherrod is committed to fighting for the needs young adults across Ohio and will continue to work so that all young adults have access to affordable higher education and health insurance options.


As Ohio’s first Senator to serve on the Senate Agriculture Committee in 40 years, Sherrod Brown is in a unique position to deliver for Ohio’s farmers and rural communities.


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Senator Sherrod Brown is working every day in the Senate to fight for Ohio’s teachers. Most recently Senator Brown helped lead the fight in Ohio to ensure our teachers would continue to have the right to collectively bargain.