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Ohio Jobs

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. In no way is this more true than in the strength of our nation’s economy.

Our Energy Future

Sherrod has led the fight for our nation’s energy policy to focus on decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and creating manufacturing jobs in Ohio.

Fiscal Responsibility

One of the biggest challenges we face is the wide gap between what the government collects in revenues and what it spends.

Agriculture and Ohio’s Rural Economy

As Ohio’s first Senator to serve on the Senate Agriculture Committee in more than forty years, Sherrod is fighting to support the state’s farmers and its number one industry—agriculture.

A Family Doctor for Every Family

Since first taking office, promoting quality health care for every American has been one of Sherrod’s top priorities.

Standing Up for Seniors

Throughout his career, Sherrod has fought to protect Social Security and Medicare from privatization and other short-sighted attempts to undermine the guaranteed benefits retirees earned and deserve.