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As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. In no way is this more true than in the strength of our nation’s economy. We have emerged from the worst economy since the Great Depression, and our economy is on the mend. Ohio has had private sector job growth for months, but we all know the rate of job growth is too slow to bring the unemployment rate down fast enough. And our work is never done until the economy works for the middle class, which is why we must focus on pro-growth policies.

Congress’ leading proponent of American manufacturing (Washington Post)

Sherrod believes Ohio and our nation’s economic strength and national security are drawn from a strong manufacturing base. When Sherrod was elected, manufacturing was a footnote in our nation’s economic policy. Its share of the econony shrank to just 11 percent while financial services ballooned to more than 25 percent. As a result, our economy suffered.

Sherrod has led a fight to revitalize American manufacturing with a four-point plan, and manufacturing is on the upswing. Sherrod’s four-point National Manufacturing Strategy is based on:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Ohio’s strong history of entrepreneurship is evident in more than 30 business incubators throughout the state. Sherrod introduced the Business Incubator Promotion Act to expand eligible incubator services for support from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), and promotes economic development clusters to attract more private investment in Ohio.
  • Education and Workforce Training – Sherrod recognized workforce systems in Ohio need to be better aligned with emerging industries that are employing more workers. In 2007, he introduced the Strengthening Economic Clusters to Organize Regional Success (SECTORS) Act, bipartisan legislation to change the way workers are trained for new jobs.
  • Infrastructure – Sherrod is a leader in rebuilding our decaying infrastructure. His legislation to create an Infrastructure Bank would create an innovative financing mechanism for the backlog of vital water, sewer, and road projects.
  • Trade Enforcement and Export Promotion – Sherrod has led the fight to give American workers and companies a level playing field, by combating China’s currency manipulation and ensuring trade agreements are fair to workers. A member of the President’s Export Council, Sherrod also created the Ohio Export Advisory Group to work with the Foreign Commercial Service, Small Business Administration, and Export-Import Bank in helping Ohio businesses reach new markets.