Sherrod Outlines What Populism Is And What It Isn’t


Check out Sherrod’s Op-Ed on populism — Here’s a preview: Donald Trump is a populist. So are Marine Le Pen and Steve Bannon. Really? Populism does not divide our society into these people here or those people over there. It doesn’t fan resentments and exploit grievances. Populism never excludes based on race or gender […]

Trump’s abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey raises serious questions. Why now? Why in the midst of an investigation into the White House’s ties to Russia? The American people deserve answers from a source in which they can have full confidence. It is past time for an independent investigation to look into allegations of […]

As a candidate, Donald Trump promised a swift response to the opioid crisis. As President, the only action Trump has taken is to nominate a pharmaceutical industry insider to lead the FDA. Scott Gottlieb has made his career and fortune off of peddling more drugs and more opioids into markets. Gottlieb has been a longtime […]

“Sherrod Brown raises hefty $2.4 million in first quarter of 2017 …The sizable haul, the most Brown has ever raised in an election off-year quarter, is almost double the $1.35 million he raised during the same time in 2011.” —, 4/12/2017 This is what we can achieve when we all work together. We achieved […]

Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation is disheartening. But we can’t let it stop us from taking action. In fact, it should make us work harder than before. We need to put an end to Citizens United. We need to protect women’s access to healthcare. We have to hold the Trump administration accountable every time they don’t put […]

The gender wage gap isn’t only hurting women — it’s hurting families and the economy as a whole. In Ohio, the wage gap costs women on average a little over $12,600 a year. That could be a down payment on a house. That could pay the rent, mortgage, or health care bills for months. That […]