What happens in Ohio


What happens in Ohio

Dear friends,

It’s happening right now in Ohio: Workers’ rights are on the table. But it won’t stop here. Corporate-backed Republicans want to bring their extreme agenda to every state in the union. And the outcome of this fight is going to matter to workers and their families across the country.

Right now, the people of Ohio are organizing to repeal Senate Bill 5, which strips public employees of basic rights and affects hundreds of thousands of Ohioans.

And you know who’s watching this fight carefully? Corporate-backed Republicans across the country. Ohio wasn’t the first state in which they’ve pushed this kind of anti-worker legislation, and it won’t be the last state in which they try it, either. But this is our chance to show the country — and the special interest groups who want to make bills like SB5 the law of the land in every state — that we won’t stand for it.

I’m doing everything I can do build grassroots support for the petition drive that will put Senate Bill 5 on the ballot in 2011 and give Ohioans a chance to repeal this cruel and radical legislation. But even if you don’t live in Ohio, you need to be paying attention — because your state could be next.

So stay tuned — and don’t just keep yourself informed, get your friends involved, too. Share this message on Facebook and Twitter, or change your IM status to “What happens in Ohio matters to all of us: http://bit.ly/mBEyfX”

I have believed from the very beginning that we can organize to win this fight. Now it’s time for us to prove it.

Thank you for staying involved,


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