Ad Watch: Karl Rove Rolls Out Another False Ad To Boost Pants On Fire King Josh Mandel


Ad Watch: Karl Rove Rolls Out Another False Ad To Boost Pants On Fire King Josh Mandel

New Crossroads GPS Ad Brings Outside Spending Total Against Sherrod To More Than $13 Million – The Most Any Senate Candidate In The Country Has Faced

As Josh Mandel’s campaign continues to stumble, he can thank Karl Rove today after Crossroads GPS launched another ad that lies about Sherrod and distorts his record. This means secretly funded third party groups have now spent a whopping $13 million – more than has been levied against any other Senate candidate in the country.

In one of the ad’s more unbelievable claims, Karl Rove blatantly lies and asserts that Brown voted for a bill that he actually voted against. The Columbus Dispatch had previously examined this false claim.

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Announcer: 238,000 jobs lost in Ohio; 100,000 more people out of work and what’s Sherrod Brown doing about it in Washington?  Voting for the 1.17 trillion dollar healthcare law that adds a new tax on Ohio manufacturers or a massive energy tax that could wipe out another 100,000 jobs.”


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The Heritage Foundation, 5/20/08



Columbus Dispatch Ad Watch: Crossroads GPS Ad “All Too Often Distorts Brown’s Record.”  In a July 2012 ad watch of a previous Crossroads GPS ad, the Columbus Dispatch reported “But although it is entertaining, all too often the commercial distorts Brown’s record.” [Columbus Dispatch, 7/10/12]


Columbus Dispatch Ad Watch: Sen. Brown Voted Against Cap And Trade.  In a July 2012 ad watch of a previous Crossroads GPS ad, the Columbus Dispatch reported “Take the claim that Brown ‘even supported’’ cap and trade — a regulatory system designed to curb emissions of greenhouse gases. Cap and trade would offer utility and industrial plants a market system to encourage industries to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases. But Brown voted against a cap-and-trade bill in 2008, which prompted environmental organizations to criticize his vote. [Columbus Dispatch, 7/10/12]


19 Republican Senators Voted As Senator Brown Did On Climate Change Legislation In 2008.  In 2008, at least 19 other Republican Senators voted as Sen. Brown did on both climate change votes in 2008. [Senate Vote 141, 6/2/08; Senate Vote 145, 6/6/08]


Brown Voted Against Cap And Trade Bill.  In June 2008, Senator Brown voted against a motion to invoke cloture (thus limiting debate) on the Boxer, D-Calif., substitute amendment no. 4825 that would cap greenhouse gas emissions nationwide and set up a trading system for companies to buy and sell emissions allowances. [CQ; Vote 145, 6/6/08]


Sen. Brown Joined Republicans In Voting Against Cap & Trade.  In June 2008, The Cleveland Plain Dealerreported “U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat who has enjoyed widespread support from environmentalists, joined Republicans Friday to block legislation aimed at curtailing global warming.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/7/08]


Sen. Brown’s Wish List For Cap And Trade Centered On Ensuring That The Midwest Manufacturing Base Is Put To Work.  In October 2009, The New York Timeswrote that Sen Brown “has bluntly stated that unless the authors agree to a variety of manufacturing and trade provisions, there is little possibility that the legislation will get anywhere near enough support to clear the Senate. ‘There probably won’t be 50 votes,’ Brown said last week. ‘There sure won’t be 60 without taking care of manufacturing.’  Brown’s wish list centers on ensuring that even as the country moves toward a ‘clean energy’ economy, it does so without decimating the energy intensive industries that are prevalent in Ohio and across the Midwest. And, Brown says, he wants to ensure that the Midwest manufacturing base is put to work making parts for the new economy.”  [New York Times, 10/14/09]


Sen. Brown Teamed Up With The Business Community To Protect The Interests Of Manufacturing Companies During The Climate Change Debate.  In October 2009, The Hill wrote “While Brown is a solid supporter of labor unions, he has teamed up with the business community to protect the interests of manufacturing companies in the climate change debate. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) wrote a letter to Brown last week endorsing his proposal to set up a $30 billion Manufacturing Revolving Loan Fund to help small- and medium-sized businesses restructure their production lines for a new economic landscape. But Brown says protecting manufacturers is a necessary step to protect workers.  ‘Climate change has to be substantively a jobs bill and has to be sold as a jobs bill,’ said Brown.”  [The Hill, 10/1/09]


 Announcer: And higher taxes on the small businesses Ohio depends on to create jobs


Sources: CQ Vote #183, 7/25/12; CQ Vote #184, 7/25/12; U.S. Treasury Department


 Senator Brown Voted To Extend Tax Cuts For Most Ohioans.  In July 2012, Senator Brown voted for the passage of the bill that would extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for one year on taxable income of up to $200,000 for single filers or up to $250,000 for joint filers.” [CQ; Vote 184, 7/25/12]


Associated Press: Tax Plan From Senate Democrats Would Mean Tax Cuts Stay In Place For 98% Of American Households.  In July 2012, the Associated Press reported that the tax plan from Senate Democrats “would continue the expiring tax cuts next year for everyone but individuals making $200,000 a year and couples earning $250,000, who would see their taxes rise. That would mean higher levies next year for 2.5 million households — just 2 percent of the 140.5 million returns the Internal Revenue Service receives, according to 2009 figures.” [Associated Press, 7/24/12]

“With Josh Mandel’s campaign floundering, it’s no surprise that Karl Rove is back with more secretly funded attack ads, raising the total spent by outside groups against Sherrod to $13 million as they lie about his record and attempt to convince Ohioans that Josh Mandel is anything other than a politician who can’t be trusted,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for the Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign.

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