Brown Campaign Statement On Josh Mandel’s “Policy Proposals”


Brown Campaign Statement On Josh Mandel’s “Policy Proposals”

The Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign released a statement today from Communications Director Justin Barasky, in response to Josh Mandel’s “policy proposals”:

“After a year and a half of ignoring his job as Treasurer to run for Senate, Josh Mandel’s supposed new-found interest in talking about the issues is nothing more than another political game from a politician who can’t be trusted to fight for Ohio jobs, show up for work, hire qualified staff, or go a single day without distorting the facts, purposely misleading Ohioans, or knowingly and proudly parroting previously debunked lies.

“Josh Mandel’s ‘policy’ proposals offered no ideas about how to create jobs for Ohio’s middle class and can’t be taken seriously coming from someone who promised Ohioans he would serve a full term as Treasurer only to immediately break that promise. Mandel has proven himself embarrassingly devoid of substance while opposing the auto-rescue that helped protect 850,000 Ohio jobs and opposing Sherrod’s bipartisan bill to crack down on China and protect Ohio manufacturers.

“The only Mandel press conference worth covering would be one in which he breaks news by telling the truth.”

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