Will Josh Mandel stand up for transparency?


Will Josh Mandel stand up for transparency?

Today, the Senate will vote on the DISCLOSE Act, which would require outside groups to disclose campaign-related fundraising and spending. The vote comes after an influx of outside spending from groups like Citizens United, which allows large donations from unnamed special interests and big corporations, at the expense of American voters.

It has allowed people like Karl Rove to bankroll elections and call the shots once their candidates are in office.

Just last week, Josh Mandel said he “strongly believes in transparency.” So will he put his money where his mouth is, and show his support for the DISCLOSE Act?

Don’t hold your breath. Josh Mandel has benefited from more special interest money than any other Senate candidate in the country. Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS—a group that refuses to disclose where its funding is coming from—has spent millions to lie about Sherrod’s record already. Shadowy special interest groups have already spent in total more than $10.6 million (with another $6.7 million already promised) to boost Josh Mandel’s floundering campaign with false, misleading attack ads against Sherrod Brown.

And Mandel has never exactly been a model for transparency—refusing to answer even basic questions about the FBI investigation of his shady campaign cash.

It will come as no surprise when Mandel remains silent on the DISCLOSE Act, refusing to stand for the very transparency he touted just last week. And if this is how he acts now, we know he can’t be trusted to lead Ohio in the Senate.

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