ICYMI: Secretly Funded Special Interests Spent $40 Million Against Sherrod Brown In A Failed Attempt To Buy A Senate Seat


ICYMI: Secretly Funded Special Interests Spent $40 Million Against Sherrod Brown In A Failed Attempt To Buy A Senate Seat

From the moment Josh Mandel began ignoring his job to run for Senate, he was hit with the most consistent string of negative headlines in the country. From ignoring his job as Treasurer, to hiring unqualified political cronies, to an FBI investigation, refusing to disclose his personal finances, payday lender fundraisers in the Bahamas, setting records for lying, faking a southern accent, assaulting opposition staffers…you get the point.

It’s one of the reasons that in the most important Senate race in the country, every major newspaper in the state of Ohio endorsed Sherrod Brown.

The truth is, the only reason Josh Mandel remained competitive in this race was the roughly $40 million spent on his behalf by secretly funded third party groups & national Republicans.

What makes up the $40 million?

$31 MILLION IN TV & RADIO ADS: Crossroads GPS $11,792,180.00,  U.S. Chamber $7,895,568.00, 60 Plus Association $2,563,084.00, Coalition To Protect Patients Rights $106,120.00, Concerned Women For America $200,077.00, National Association Of Manufacturers $877,088.00, Government Integrity Fund $2,032,451.00, American Commitment $1,079,925.00, Checks & Balances $1,198,168.00, Americans For Prosperity $76,175.00, National Federation Of Independent Businesses $1,099,616.00, Ending Spending $368,142.00, Rand PAC $88,680.00, Club For Growth $746,466.00, Senate Conservatives Fund $202,500.00, Now Or Never PAC $1,191,900.00, National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee $1,001,845.00

$2 MILLION IN POLLING & PRODUCTION COSTS: Every ad that airs incurs production costs and polling that goes into the script/content. With the magnitude of ads against Sherrod, $2 million is a relatively conservative estimate.


The following organizations have done mail campaigns, paid for literature, paid for billboards, yard signs, or have paid staff working against Sherrod: National Right To Life, Faith & Freedom Coalition and Americans of Faith, Americans For Prosperity, FreedomWorks, CitizenLink, NRA, Club For Growth, Crossroads GPS, American Majority Action, Now Or Never PAC, National Federation Of Independent Businesses, Focus On The Family Action, Senate Conservatives Fund, Patriot Voices PAC, Americans For Responsible Leadership, National Organization For Marriage, Americans United For Life Action NFP

Thanks to Sherrod Brown’s strong record of fighting for the middle class, voters across the state rejected Karl Rove’s attempt to buy Ohio.


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