The U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Act of 2012


The U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Act of 2012

In July 2012, President Barack Obama signed the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Act of 2012, a piece of legislation that ensures the United States and Israel continue to cooperate in matters of security.  As a co-sponsor of this act, Senator Sherrod Brown believes that Israel not only has the right to defend itself, but must maintain a qualitative military edge over its adversaries.

The bill states U.S. policy towards Israel, including: Providing the Israeli military with the capability to defend itself while recognizing its inherent right to do so, vetoing anti-Israel resolutions at the U.N. Security Council, expanding cooperation in defense and beyond, and assisting Israel in negotiating a lasting and secure peace with its neighbors.

More specifically, the bill suggests several actions towards the fulfillment of these policies. These include: the expansion of the Iron Dome system and joint missile defense systems, providing Israel with necessary specialized munitions, allocating more U.S.weapons stockpiles in Israel, providing Israel with surplus defense articles and services in the wake of U.S. forces’ withdrawal from Iraq, assisting the prevention of weapons smuggling into Gaza, offering additional training and exercise opportunities to the Israeli Air Force to compensate for Israel’s limited air space, expanding Israel’s authority to make military purchases and extending the loan guarantee program, encouraging an expanded Israeli role in NATO, and expanding intelligence cooperation.

As threats become more brazen and apparent, Israel cannot afford to lose what has been an iconic and effective security apparatus.

The friendship between the United States and Israel has existed for over 60 years. With presidents from both political parties, along with the United States Congress and the overwhelming support of the American people, the alliance between the two nations continues to thrive both financially and economically.

Senator Sherrod Brown knows that the relationship between the United States and the Israel is one that cannot be forgotten or taken for granted.  A true friend of Israel, Senator Sherrod Brown will continue to makes efforts to further the relationship between the two countries and ensure that the mutual security interests of Israel and the United States thrive for years to come.

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