Josh Mandel Claims He Doesn’t Know Why He Gets Negative Press: Here Are 3 Reasons


Josh Mandel Claims He Doesn’t Know Why He Gets Negative Press: Here Are 3 Reasons

Josh Mandel claims he doesn’t know why he’s earned some of the worst headlines in Ohio. Just in case he really is that out of touch, here are 3 reasons why:

Josh Mandel set records for blowing off every single meeting of the billion-dollar investment board he’s supposed to chair during his first year in office.

For months, Josh Mandel earned headlines like this for being the first treasurer of the “modern era” to blow off 14 consecutive meetings of the Board of Deposit, the decision-making board that makes billion-dollar decisions about investing Ohio tax dollars. He blew off one meeting to throw a swanky Washington D.C. fundraiser,another to do an interview, and his office has refused to reveal his whereabouts during the meetings he blew off.

Josh Mandel broke his pledge to Ohioans by hiring unqualified political cronies and friends in the Treasurer’s office.

Josh Mandel repeatedly slammed his 2010 treasurer race opponent for alleged cronyism, pledging to operate his office differently, if elected, by hiring only qualified financial professionals. Upon his swearing in, he broke his promise to Ohioans by awarding high-powered jobs and taxpayer-funded salaries to unqualified political cronies and friends. Some stayed for just weeks before joining Josh Mandel’s senate campaign, and one was so unqualified that he had to attend a remedial course in the very subject he was in charge of.

Josh Mandel has earned more “Pants on Fire” ratings for repeatedly lying than any other Ohio politician.

Josh Mandel was ceremoniously awarded the “Pants on Fire crown” by Politifact Ohio, the nonpartisan fact checker, for more “false and ridiculous” claims than any other Ohio politician. Just this election cycle Mandel’s been repeatedly ripped by fact checkers and he’s earned 5 “Pants on Fire” ratings, 2 “False” ratings and 2 “Mostly False” ratings from Politifact.

“As Josh Mandel stumbles from one negative headline after another, Ohioans know exactly why their absentee treasurer earns such awful press – because he can’t be trusted to show up for work, hire qualified staff or go more than two sentences with saying something that’s blatantly false,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “For Josh Mandel to laughably claim he doesn’t know why he earns such negative press is another sad example of how he’s just a politician who can’t be trusted.”

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