New Video: “Equal”


New Video: “Equal”

NEW VIDEO: “Equal”

In honor of the 92nd anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote, this new video features Lilly Ledbetter in support of Sherrod Brown and his work for women’s rights.

Today the Sherrod Brown campaign released a new web video featuring Lilly Ledbetter, confirming Senator Sherrod Brown’s dedication to fighting for equal pay in Ohio and nationwide.

Sen. Brown is a strong believer that women should be equally compensated for work equal to their male counterparts. He voted for the historic Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act which allows workers who are discriminated against to file charges of pay discrimination within 180 days of the last received paycheck. In addition to fighting for equal pay, Sherrod has always stood up for issues critical to women’s rights—he strongly opposes the “Heartbeat bill” which would take away a woman’s right to choose, has supported legislation to help victims of sexual assault, and received a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

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“Ohioans are lucky to have one of the biggest advocates for equal pay in Senator Sherrod Brown. Sherrod will never stop fighting for Ohio’s women,” said Ledbetter. “He understands this is about more than just a paycheck or even just a women’s issue. This is about family. As more women become breadwinners, closing the wage gap means women will be able to better provide for their families. At a time when every penny counts, this couldn’t be more important. Sherrod gets that, and for him, it’s personal.”

More about Sen. Brown’s record of fighting for Ohio’s women can be found HERE.

Earlier this year, the campaign launched “Women for Sherrod” with Co-Chairs Rhine McLin and Mary Boyle endorsing Sherrod.

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