Ohio Society Of CPAs Endorses Sherrod Brown’s Reelection


Ohio Society Of CPAs Endorses Sherrod Brown’s Reelection

The Ohio Society of CPAs (OSCPA), which represents 22,000 Ohio CPAs working in business, education, government and public accounting, announced its endorsement of Sen. Sherrod Brown today.

“For as long as he’s represented us in the U.S. Senate, Sherrod Brown has been a tireless voice for the interests of public accountants and tax professionals across Ohio,” said J. Clarke Price, President and CEO of OSCPA. “Whether it’s his sponsorship of legislation that simplifies and modernizes the tax code or his efforts to streamline the process for filing tax returns, Ohio CPAs have appreciated having an ally like Sen. Sherrod Brown in Washington who’s willing to reach across the aisle, who understands our needs and who fights for us – that’s why the Ohio Society of CPAs unanimously endorses his reelection.”

Sen. Brown praised the OSCPA and promised to continue advocating for them in Washington.

“I couldn’t be prouder to be endorsed by the Ohio Society of CPAs, who counts among its members 22,000 public accountants and tax professionals across our state,” said Sherrod. “I’m proud to have sponsored bipartisan legislation that simplifies our tax code and makes it easier for small businesses and individual citizens to file their taxes without being overburdened by unnecessary paperwork. And as long as I represent Ohio, I’ll continue crossing the aisle and supporting common-sense legislation that streamlines our tax code and benefits taxpayers, and accountants and financial professionals who do a daily service to their communities through the important work they do.”

The unanimous endorsement was decided by the OSCPA’s Screening Committee and Executive Board.

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