Senator Sherrod Brown Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of Chevy Cruze


Senator Sherrod Brown Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of Chevy Cruze

GM Lordstown Workers Denounce Josh Mandel for Opposing Auto Rescue and Calling Sherrod “Un-American

Today Senator Sherrod Brown celebrated the two year anniversary of the Chevy Cruze and the success of the auto industry with General Motors Lordstown employees.

From the UAW Local 1112 Hall in Warren, Senator Brown, UAW Local 1112 President Glenn Johnson and GM Lordstown worker Raye Ohl praised the auto rescue, which helped save nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs and denounced Josh Mandel’s blistering attack on the auto package.

Raye Ohl, a longtime General Motors employee and Mahoning Valley native, talked about the uncertainty she felt before Sen. Brown fought for crucial loans that prevented the auto industry from collapse.

“It was a terrifying time in Lordstown,” said Ohl. “We didn’t know if we would be able to make our next mortgage payments or our kids’ next doctor’s appointments. And it was terrifying knowing that if we don’t go to work, the Valley suffers. Too many storefronts were already dark, too many gas stations had already closed. If GM Lordstown wasn’t open, the Valley would have been devastated.”

Ohl denounced Mandel for not supporting jobs like hers and those at the Lordstown complex.

“Politicians like Josh Mandel were willing to let us go down. He even called Senator Sherrod Brown “un-American” for supporting the auto rescue. I want to know what’s so “un-American” about saving my job. Sherrod backed us when it wasn’t popular, and I’ll work every day from now until November to make sure he stays in Washington.”

UAW Local 1112 President Glenn Johnson praised Sen. Brown for championing the auto industry and stressed the success of Chevy Cruze.

“Sherrod never stopped fighting for us and thanks to his support, General Motors is investing $200 million dollars into the Lordstown complex to build the next-generation Chevy Cruze,” said Johnson. “We just had a recording-breaking month in sales for this car and best of all, Lordstown proudly employs 4,500 people working three shifts. None of this would have been possible without Sherrod, and I’m proud to support his reelection.”

“Today is a reminder of a turning point in the Mahoning Valley,” said Sen. Brown. “Just a few short years ago, things were very different. I am proud to be one of the first to call for the passage of the auto rescue package because for me, it was simple. It doesn’t take much to understand what this industry means to our state, especially in places like the Mahoning Valley and Northeast Ohio. I absolutely refused to turn my back on Ohio workers, and I’m proud to have the support of the hard working men and women of the GM Lordstown complex.”

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