The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Endorses Senator Sherrod Brown’s Reelection


The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Endorses Senator Sherrod Brown’s Reelection

The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus (OLBC), which is made up of  African American members of Ohio’s General Assembly, announced its endorsement of Senator Sherrod Brown’s reelection today.

“There is no greater friend to Ohio’s African American community and the middle class than Senator Sherrod Brown,” said Rep. Sandra Williams, President of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. “From leading the charge to rescue Ohio’s auto industry, expanding access to affordable health care and battling against efforts to limit voting rights, Sherrod has always fought for issues that matter to our community. For being a tireless advocate for Ohio’s African Americans, the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus is proud to support Senator Sherrod Brown for reelection.”

Sen. Brown praised the OLBC for its mission and promised to continue fighting for their shared goals in the U.S. Senate.

“I could not be prouder to have the endorsement of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus,” said Sen. Brown. “I had the privilege of serving with OLBC founder C.J. McLin in the Ohio House of Representatives, and we both shared a vision of good-paying jobs, equal educational opportunities and quality health care for all Ohioans. My commitment to progress has only grown stronger since then, and I pledge to remain a strong voice for Ohio’s African American community in Washington.”

The OLBC also endorsed Sen. Brown’s 2006 campaign.

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