Volunteer spotlight: Kassie from Ross County


Volunteer spotlight: Kassie from Ross County

Kassie from Ross County, OH has only been volunteering for Sherrod since July, but has emerged as a superstar volunteer already. So we sat down with her to find out why she volunteers, and the issues most important to her.

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How long have you been volunteering for the Sherrod Brown campaign (and/or for Democrats)? 

I began volunteering in the beginning of July.

What inspired you to volunteer for Sherrod Brown this year?

After just turning eighteen, I really wanted to get as involved with politics as possible, especially for a candidate I knew and with whom I shared the same views. I was fortunate to attend a House meeting that allowed me to get connected with those in the Brown campaign and begin volunteering.

What issue is most important to you in this years election?

As a young woman and college student, women’s healthcare and fair pay along with student loan rates have recently really affected me. Along with many others, I also think that the economy and jobs is an important aspect of the election this year.

What’s your favorite part of volunteering?

My favorite part of volunteering so far has been the amazing people I have talked to and hearing the stories of others. The great phone conversations and face to face talk I have had with the people of my community have been worth every second of volunteering.

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