Dayton Daily News: Dayton student backs Medicaid in trip to Washington, D.C.


Dayton Daily News: Dayton student backs Medicaid in trip to Washington, D.C.

Jordan Ivy of Dayton was born 23 weeks premature and weighed just a pound and a half. His mother, Theresa Crawford, was told by his doctors to prepare for the worst.

At that point, they’d tried to get him to breathe for 30 minutes, with no success.

“I asked them please to continue,” his mother remembered Wednesday as she met with Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio. “God didn’t bring him this far to take him away.”

Jordan, now 13, was one of a handful of Ohio children — all patients at Ohio children’s hospitals — who flooded Capitol Hill Wednesday to advocate for Congress to continue funding Medicaid.

They did so at a particularly interesting time: The Senate is expected to unveil the latest version of its health care legislation this week and Senate Republicans hope to vote on it next week.

For Jordan, who is covered by Medicaid, the legislation is particularly crucial. Children’s hospitals worry that a proposal to move Medicaid toward a block grant program would have a huge impact on children who rely on Medicaid to pay for their care.

A bill that passed the House in May capped Medicaid funding. Nationwide, some 30 million children rely on Medicaid coverage, including 2 million with conditions like Jordan’s.

According to the Children’s Hospital Association, the first version of the Senate health bill would cut some $43 billion over 10 years in Medicaid spending for more than 30 million enrolled children. Spending for some children with disabilities, however, would be exempt from the cap.

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