Four times Sherrod Brown has been a champion for the Auto Industry.


Four times Sherrod Brown has been a champion for the Auto Industry.

Sherrod Brown has always been a champion for Ohio’s Auto Workers. From passing the Auto Rescue package — saving more than 848,000 industry-related jobs (!) — to supporting unions, Sherrod is consistently on their side.

On Monday, Sherrod was endorsed by the United Auto Workers for his undeniable dedication to the American auto industry. Here are just a few of Sherrod’s initiatives that every Ohioan should spread far and wide.

Sherrod’s leadership in 2008. During the financial crash of 2008, millions of American jobs were at risk. Fortunately for Ohio, Sherrod fought to save nearly 1 million Ohio auto industry related jobs through the Auto Rescue Package. He worked directly with GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Honda to make multi-million dollar investments in their Ohio facilities.

Today, Ohio’s Auto industry is secure and helping rebuild Ohio communities. Proving once again, that supporting a strong economy starts with protecting America’s manufacturing jobs first.

Ensuring that Ohio workers have a voice. Sherrod will always fight on behalf of Ohio workers — regardless of party. He was a vocal critic of President Obama’s TPP proposal and continues to hold Trump accountable with his NAFTA renegotiation efforts. Sherrod has proposed a four-part-plan that will strengthen American workers’ wages and rights. In an open letter to President Trump, Sherrod outlined what should be done in a NAFTA renegotiation:

  • America should secure Anti-Outsourcing and Buy America provisions up front.
  • Stop pitting American workers and industries against each other in negotiations.
  • Build enforcement tools that favor American workers, not foreign corporations if the deal is violated.
  • Include workers in the negotiations.

Strong support for unions in Ohio and across America. We could go on and on, but here are a few highlights: He recently supported the VW workers’ of Tennessee right to unionize. He has been an avid supporter of the Workplace Democracy Act, which makes it easier for workers to unionize. This past summer, Sherrod supported the efforts of Nissan workers in Mississippi to use their ability to collectively bargain to ensure higher wages, safer working conditions, and better benefits.

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An advocate for American-made vehicles. In 2009, Sherrod supported ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ which allows Americans to trade in vehicles for those that are more fuel efficient. This effort led to the purchase of nearly 700,000 vehicles — it also boosted sales of fuel-efficient cars by 43% and created an estimated 60,000 jobs in the auto parts sector.

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