No to Trumpcare


No to Trumpcare

Seven years ago the Affordable Care Act came into effect. For millions of Americans it meant that access to quality health care would become a reality. For those who were denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition, they were given an opportunity that for so long had been unreachable. For families, it meant they could keep their children on their plan longer, and for seniors it meant insurers could not rig enormous price hikes on them as a result of their age.

All of that progress is being challenged today. As Republicans move to replace the Affordable Care Act with Trumpcare, so much is at stake.

Millions of Americans could lose coverage and health care will become more unaffordable. Rural hospitals and health centers will see their resources stretched even further and funding for combating the opioid crisis will decrease. Seniors could be subjected to higher prices, and working families will see their assistance slashed.

Trump said the plan would take care of everybody but it turns out the plan only takes care of the wealthy. Big money and special interests are lining up to make sure Trumpcare becomes a reality. I won’t allow that. Sign here to add your name to a growing list of Americans who are fighting back against a bad plan.

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