Say “NO” to Otting


Say “NO” to Otting

The Comptroller of the Currency “charters, regulates, and supervises all national banks and federal savings associations as well as federal branches and agencies of foreign banks.”

In other words: The Office of the Comptroller is a watchdog. But Joseph Otting, Trump’s pick to fill the role, is anything but a watchdog.

He used to run OneWest with now-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

OneWest engaged in some shady lending practices. During the 2008 crisis, thousands of OneWest customers lost their homes. In 2011, Mr. Otting signed a consent order with the very agency Trump wants him to run because of those shady practices.

Mr. Otting didn’t deal fairly with his customers back then. How can we trust him to look out for the interests of customers at more than 1,400 banks and thrifts across the country?

Americans need a watchdog as Comptroller of the Currency, not someone who will roll over for Wall Street. Add your name and say “NO” to Joseph Otting.