“The ugly, dirty truth”


“The ugly, dirty truth”

This excerpt of a 2015 Forbes interview with former Turing Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli pretty well sums up the problem with Big Pharma’s approach to drug pricing %%firstname(today)%%:

“Shkreli was painfully clear: His job isn’t making patients better. It’s making the most dollars.

‘My shareholders expect me to make the most profit,’ Shkreli said, a theme that he returned to again and again. ‘That’s the ugly, dirty truth.'”

But here’s the real ugly, dirty truth: When patients can’t afford the life-saving prescriptions they need, people die. That’s not hyperbole — it’s just how it is.

And when Big Pharmaceuticals raise their prices for no other reason than to pad their profits, that’s price gouging.

Sherrod has a plan to stop price gouging of prescription drugs.

  • Require drug companies to report increases to drug prices and justify those hikes, and
  • Penalize companies for unjustified hikes.

Show your support for Sherrod’s plan to stop the price gouging of prescription drugs. Sign the petition.

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