100 days to Election Day


100 days to Election Day

Team —

As of this weekend, there are only 100 days left in this campaign.

I’m asking you to get involved.

To mark 100 days to Election Day, supporters will be volunteering all over the state this weekend. They’ll be knocking on doors, making calls, and spreading the word about the great candidates running up-and-down the ticket. Your help will be the difference this November — sign up to join our Weekend of Action now.

The other side may have more money than we do, but we have a passion to change this country. And people like you will make all the difference in helping us do just that.

Don’t wait to take action: Say you’ll knock on doors, or make phone calls. Say you’ll help your family members get registered to vote, or that you’ll talk to five friends about the stakes in this election.

Whatever you do, help us make sure we keep the momentum going strong these next 100 days. We’re counting on you. Sign up to volunteer now.

Let’s do this,


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Sherrod's race is a toss-up. Help us build a campaign that can win this critical race and keep Sherrod fighting for Ohio in the U.S. Senate.
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