26 reasons to support Sherrod


26 reasons to support Sherrod

26 is a special number here on Team Sherrod, where our average online contribution is just $26.

So this month, we’ve put together a list of 26 reasons you should support Sherrod in November. Take a look, and be sure to share this with five (or 26!) of your friends.

1. Sherrod fights for all Ohioans—not just those at the top.

2. Even as Republicans try to make it harder for Americans to vote, Sherrod fights to expand that right—and always has.

3. Sherrod is a strong, vocal leader in making sure all Americans have the quality healthcare they deserve.

4. Schools, nightclubs, churches, and movie theaters should be places of safety, not violence. Sherrod understands that, and has pushed repeatedly for common-sense gun safety measures. He was proud to participate in the March for Our Lives earlier this year, and will continue speaking out until this issue is addressed.

5. Sherrod doesn’t just talk about making sure Americans have quality healthcare at a reasonable cost. Before the Affordable Care Act became law, Sherrod refused to accept the health insurance plans covering many of his colleagues in Congress, because all Americans, not just the wealthy, or those in elected office, deserve affordable healthcare.

6. He fights against bad trade deals that leave American workers behind. Some have even called trade his “jam.”

7. Sherrod recognizes women’s fundamental right to quality, affordable care, and works hard to make sure women have access to the healthcare they need.

8. Sherrod consistently works across the aisle to make sure that legislation helping hardworking Americans becomes a reality.

9. He knows that people all over the country should have more to show for the hard work they put in every day, and fights for better protections and fairer wages in the workplace.

10. Sherrod wants to make sure our seniors can retire securely. Whether he’s working to protect Medicare or fighting for solutions to the worsening pension crisis, seniors like Norm and Joyce know Sherrod has their back.

11. As the opioid crisis continues to devastate our communities, Sherrod is working hard—and reaching across the aisle—to tackle the epidemic.

12. All Americans deserve the same rights—no matter who they are or who they love. Sherrod believes that and always fights for true equality for members of the LGBTQ community.

13. Sherrod supports legislation to keep Ohioans’ air and water clean, while advancing renewable energy and bringing clean energy jobs to the state.

14. Our servicemembers put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedoms and our families. Sherrod stands with them, whether he’s working on legislation to support veterans in the workplace or pushing back against this administration’s plans to put corporate profits ahead of those who’ve served.

15. Sherrod stands with Ohioans like Kim, a disability activist whose son has a rare genetic disorder—because he knows individuals with disabilities deserve quality care and support.

16. He stands up for the Affordable Care Act, even as Republicans try everything they can to dismantle it.

17. Every time this administration tries to undermine the progress we’ve made in making public housing more affordable, Sherrod speaks out, and pushes for a fairer system for hardworking Ohio families.

18. He recognizes the policies that led to the 2008 financial crisis—which devastated Ohio families—and fights against legislation that would loosen regulations on Wall Street.

19. Sherrod fights for true equality in the workplace.

20. Just like Al, who works to make his community better, Sherrod works every day to improve our country.

21. Sherrod makes sure children, families, and those with pre-existing conditions will have the healthcare they need.

22. He knows Americans deserve a free and open internet.

23. While this administration stalls on their “plan” to overhaul our country’s infrastructure, Sherrod is taking meaningful, tangential steps to improve our communities.

24. Sherrod loves his dog, Franklin. And who doesn’t love dogs?

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25. He understands that dignity, equality, justice, and opportunity are on the ballot this November.

26. Sherrod’s campaign isn’t powered by special interests—it relies on people like you. That’s why our average online contribution is just $26. If you can, match that today. Every little bit goes a long way.

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