A message from Sherrod: All talk, no action on infrastructure


A message from Sherrod: All talk, no action on infrastructure

The White House recently announced that the massive infrastructure bill they’ve been talking about for over a year won’t become a reality in 2018.

Americans across the country will be affected by this administration’s inability to make any progress on this issue. In Ohio, for example, thousands of bridges need repairs. That’s why back in January, Sherrod introduced a plan to invest $75 billion over ten years in bridge repairs—because Ohioans deserve to be able to travel safely.

Sherrod recently sent a message to supporters about the importance of infrastructure, expressing his frustration with this administration’s inaction to improve our communities. Read more below:

Team —

Candidate Trump said he wanted investments in roads, bridges, and airports. President Trump repeated that promise throughout his first year, and again in his first State of the Union.

But talk is nothing.

Talk doesn’t fix the more than 1,600 structurally deficient bridges throughout Ohio.

Talk doesn’t rebuild roads, ports, or airports.

Ohio families aren’t impressed by talk. They want action.

I’ve been working on a bipartisan plan to fix this nation’s infrastructure which would invest $75 billion over ten years in bridge repairs. Not only would it improve the safety of roads Ohioans travel every day, it would create jobs and boost local economies. That’s the kind of action we need.

President Trump has been talking about this long enough. I’m looking forward to action. And I’m proud to have you on board with this fight.

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