A message from Sherrod on Mother’s Day


A message from Sherrod on Mother’s Day

Today, Sherrod is sending a special message to supporters about the lessons he’s reflecting on this Mother’s Day, and about the powerful role his mother played in his own life.

Read it below:

Team —

Happy Mother’s Day! Wherever you are today, I hope you’re carving out some time to celebrate your loved ones, and those who’ve played a guiding role in your life.

This holiday always makes me think of my mother, Emily Campbell Brown.

My mom was a small town girl from Mansfield, Georgia. She was a Democrat, and always a progressive when it came to civil rights. She was wise and empathetic, and she taught my brothers and me to fight for the little guy, whether she worked in an office, punched a clock, worked construction, or waited tables in a diner.

That lesson has guided much of my life. It’s about how we treat the people who could easily be mistreated, about how we act towards those who don’t experience the same privilege that people like me were fortunate to grow up with.

It’s a vision I’ve passed on to my children, too. My daughters are moms now, and the joy they brought to my own mother was incalculable. The wisdom and knowledge I see in my daughters — well, I get to see my mom every time I see them.

Today and every day, I’m committed to fighting for a country where the empathy and fairness my mom valued are part of our reality. I hope you’ll do the same.

With gratitude,


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