A message from Sherrod: The power of $26


A message from Sherrod: The power of $26

We’re just a few months away from Election Day, and if anything is clear at this point, it’s that this is going to be an expensive race. Sherrod’s opponent, Congressman Jim Renacci, has been a dependable ally for right-wing special interest groups, and they’re likely to put a lot of money behind him in an attempt to take Sherrod’s Senate seat in November.

Sherrod recently sent out this message to his supporters on the state of the race, outside spending, and why people like you will be the difference in November. Take a look, and then chip in whatever you can, or match our average online contribution of $26.

Team —

Tough re-elections are nothing new.

In 2012, special interest groups spent more than $40 million against us. They wanted me gone, and they weren’t shy about spending money to make that happen. They called me the “Hunted Democrat.”

But Team Sherrod stepped up. We organized. We mobilized. And when the polls closed and all the votes were counted, we came out ahead.

We’re up against some tough challenges in this campaign, too. Trump’s hand-picked candidate, Congressman Jim Renacci, is winning in his primary. There are new attack ads out against us. Trump’s standing is on the rise in Ohio. He has visited the Buckeye state four times since Inauguration Day.

A lot has changed since 2012. Trump is in the White House. Republicans control Congress. We have to work a lot harder to protect the progressive values we care about.

But some things don’t change: I’m still fighting like hell for Ohio families. I’m still working to level the playing field for Ohio businesses and workers. I’m still dedicated to protecting access to quality, affordable healthcare.

And I’m still counting on you to help us beat back the special interest cash and win in November.

Right now, pitch in. Match our average online contribution of $26.

With gratitude,


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