A message from Sherrod: Where I was this afternoon


A message from Sherrod: Where I was this afternoon

Yesterday, Team Sherrod was proud to launch Women for Sherrod, a new constituent group focusing on Sherrod’s long-time work on behalf of women. To celebrate the launch, women from all over Ohio gathered in Columbus, speaking out about the issues that matter most to them, and showing their enthusiastic support for Sherrod.

Read Sherrod’s message to supporters after the event, and then consider chipping in to help keep this movement going strong.


What an inspiring afternoon.

Today, we had our Women for Sherrod launch in Columbus, where women from all over the state came together to share their stories and vision for how we move our country forward. I’m so grateful that these incredible women—moms and daughters, servicemembers and veterans, activists and marchers—took time out of their busy schedules to show their support.

That includes women like Rhiannon. An Air Force veteran, Rhiannon is now the Executive Director of the Ohio Women’s March, raising her voice and uplifting others’ voices on issues like access to healthcare and equal treatment in the workforce. Her deep commitment to improving this country is moving.

It reminds me of a lesson from my mother, Emily Brown. Mom was a southern Democrat from Mansfield, Georgia. She was a teacher. And she taught my brothers and me to always stand up for the little guy, because the big guys can take care of themselves.

I’m so proud that my daughter Emily, who’s named after her grandmother, shares that vision. She’s dedicated to teaching empathy, and the value of fighting for social and economic justice, to her own kids. It was great to have her at this afternoon’s event.

Emily and Rhiannon were just two of the amazing women in the room. With every conversation I had, I was reminded that now more than ever in recent history, women are demanding that their voices be heard, speaking out on issues like healthcare, equal pay, and sexual assault. They’re lifting each other up, working shoulder-to-shoulder to make sure all of our daughters and granddaughters grow up in a more equal society.

Together, one step at a time, we create the change we want to see. We’re more powerful when we fight together than we ever are working alone. That’s why I’m proud that this campaign isn’t made up of the wealthy few, or special interest groups—it’s powered by people like you, having conversations with five of your friends, spreading the word about this race on social media, or matching our average online contribution (it’s just $26!) to make sure we defend this Senate seat in November.

I’m so grateful for your help, and I hope you’ll keep it up.

With gratitude,



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