Meet some amazing African American leaders for Sherrod


Meet some amazing African American leaders for Sherrod

This week, we’re proud to launch African Americans for Sherrod, a constituency group focused on Sherrod’s consistent work for civil rights, equity, justice, and representation.

In the Senate, Sherrod is fighting to close the wage gap that puts African American women and men at a disadvantage. He is pushing to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, and preserve unions’ ability to organize and bargain. He’s working to expand and protect the right to vote. He supports President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, and works hard to make sure Ohio’s institutions reflect the communities they serve. Sherrod’s leadership and advocacy have earned him a 100% rating from the NAACP for 2017.

For these, and for many other reasons, these incredible elected officials are proud to stand with Sherrod. Read more about them, and why they’ll be working hard to help defend Sherrod’s seat in November:

Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge

Congresswoman Fudge has served Ohioans for more than two decades. A lifelong believer in the importance of civic engagement, Fudge has dedicated herself to a career of public service, beginning with her work in the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office. In 2000, she became the first African American and first female mayor of Warrensville Heights, Ohio. Now, Fudge represents the people of the 11th Congressional District of Ohio.

In the House, Congresswoman Fudge fights to ensure all children have access to quality education and nutrition. She’s a strong advocate for fair labor practices, and, over the course of her career, has remained a consistent, outspoken voice on the need to strengthen and protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

She’s proud to support Sherrod—particularly because of his efforts to expand and defend the right to vote.

“Across America, from state legislatures to Congress, the right to vote is under attack,” she said. “So-called protections against voter fraud are used to disenfranchise and discriminate—and the people who suffer most are the ones who most need to make their voices heard: people of color, seniors, students, and low-income Ohioans. Senator Sherrod Brown is a lifelong advocate for voting rights. He understands that the franchise is a hard-won right that we cannot and will not give up.”

Whether he’s working to ensure all Ohioans can make their voices heard on Election Day or fighting back against Republicans’ efforts to undermine key programs like Medicare and Medicaid, Congresswoman Fudge said it’s incredibly clear that Sherrod is looking out for hardworking families of all backgrounds.

“I know we can count on Sherrod Brown to stand with us, fighting for working people, for the most vulnerable Ohioans and for those of us with the most to lose,” she said.

Mayor Frank Jackson

Mayor Frank Jackson

Mayor Jackson is Cleveland’s longest-serving mayor. Currently in his fourth term, Mayor Jackson has been an advocate for opportunity for all Clevelanders—no matter their zip code.

A lifelong Cleveland resident, Mayor Jackson has also served in the Cleveland Municipal Court Clerk’s Office, as City Councilman and, later, City Council President.

As mayor, Jackson has focused on ensuring all Clevelanders have a chance to succeed, investing in education, working to improve public health through the Healthy Cleveland Initiative, and investing more than $265 million in Cleveland’s neighborhoods since 2007, while also working with the public sector to encourage more than $7 billion in private development in Cleveland.

He commends Sherrod for his commitment to education, his work to create healthy, safe communities, and for his dedication to representation—in communities in Cleveland and beyond.

“Senator Brown worked with President Obama to launch My Brother’s Keeper mentorship programs here in Cleveland and around our state, connecting young men with mentors and role models to spend time with and learn from.

“He has been a great leader in Washington for Ohio and has been a constant advocate for Cleveland,” Jackson said.

Representative Stephanie Howse

Representative Stephanie Howse

Representative Howse serves in Ohio’s 11th District. A Cleveland native, she’s also the President of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, and has spent her career in public service, dedicated to improving her community—a commitment Sherrod shares.

That’s why Representative Howse is excited to stand with Sherrod, calling him an “ally in Washington,” where he fights for equal pay, fair hiring practices, and criminal justice reform.

“Sherrod has spent his career fighting for economic justice, and he understands that justice is intersectional, that many of us are denied a fair shot because of our name, or our appearance, or the community where we grew up,” she said.

At the same time, Sherrod recognizes that these issues extend beyond the beltway, and have a real impact on the local level, in communities like Representative Howse’s in Cleveland and across the country.

“He hears us when we speak out, works with us in the halls of government, and joins us when we take to the streets to demand better,” she said. “For his leadership, for his allyship, and for his dedication, black Ohioans stand with Senator Sherrod Brown.”

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