Four ways Secretary DeVos is failing students


Four ways Secretary DeVos is failing students

Betsy DeVos’ job title is Secretary of Education.

But it’s pretty clear that her priority is anything but helping our country’s students get ahead.

Here are just a few ways that Secretary DeVos—and this administration—aren’t exactly looking out for the students they’re supposed to be serving:

1. DeVos puts profits ahead of students’ educations

DeVos has been a long-time advocate of charter schools and vouchers, which drain taxpayer money away from the public education system.

In Ohio, many charter schools have been linked with scandal and poor student performance, which is why Sherrod has repeatedly fought like hell for reform. All students deserve a quality education.

Instead of increasing transparency and oversight into Ohio’s charter schools, DeVos has pushed for more charter schools in the state.

2. DeVos hasn’t demonstrated thorough knowledge of major issues in our education system

In an interview on “60 Minutes,” she failed to answer basic questions on school choice and sexual assault on college campuses.

3. DeVos looks out for for-profit college executives, not students

Too many students are already struggling with massive loans, and Secretary DeVos certainly isn’t making the situation any better.

She recently put forth a proposal that would make it more difficult for students to gain loan relief: Students would only be eligible for relief if they can prove their schools knowingly misled them.

This is a move that would give for-profit college executives billions of dollars while students nationwide suffer the consequences.

4. DeVos isn’t holding for-profit colleges accountable

The Obama administration had put together a special team to investigate widespread abuses by for-profit colleges.

Under DeVos, the team shrunk to three members. The dismantling of the team has effectively killed investigations into possibly fraudulent activities at several large for-profit colleges where several of DeVos’ top hires had previously worked.

It’s clear that Ohio students—and all Americans—deserve better.

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