Tell Betsy DeVos: Our Students Deserve Better


Tell Betsy DeVos: Our Students Deserve Better

“Betsy DeVos proposes rules that would cut student loan relief by an estimated $13 billion”
LA Times; 7/25/2018

A college education is already too expensive for many students. Every year, many students graduate with debilitating debt, causing them to put off life goals.

Now, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is trying to make it even harder for college graduates to succeed.

DeVos is proposing a rule that will make it harder for people to gain relief after they’re hit with massive student loans. It’s a move that lines the pockets of for-profit college executives at the expense of hardworking students. She’s putting profits ahead of our students’ educations. Join me and tell DeVos: Students deserve better.

Students are already struggling to afford the cost of tuition and living in college. New studies show that around 40% of students work in addition to attending school. About one in four are parents. Many struggle to even afford adequate nutrition. And even though costs and fees keep rising, financial aid has not kept pace.

A college education is practically necessary in today’s global economy. Any student with college ambitions should be able to afford it — without struggling with overwhelming debt.

Betsy DeVos is supposed to be working for our students, not special interests. But right now, it’s the other way around. Help me remind her where her priorities should lie. If you agree that our students deserve better, add your name to mine right now.

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