A message from Sen. Brian Schatz: Sherrod is the real deal


A message from Sen. Brian Schatz: Sherrod is the real deal

Team —

I met Senator Sherrod Brown in 2012, when I first got to the Senate.

As soon as I met him, I saw someone who’d aligned his head with his heart, his Senate priorities with his home-state priorities — someone who’d figured out a way to create change without being self-important.

I can tell you that there is no difference between the guy you sometimes see on TV and who he really is. Sherrod is the real deal. I’m so excited to support him this November, and I hope you are, too. Can you help his re-election campaign by chipping in $5, $10, or whatever you can?

There are some elected officials who rely heavily on talking points and curated stories about their state. You don’t have to remind Sherrod Brown about Ohio.

We sit on the banking committee together, and when we’re talking about foreclosures, he’s talking about Ohio zip codes. When we’re talking about the Equifax scam — which has harmed tens of millions of Americans — it’s about people.

That’s why we need Sherrod in the Senate, and it’s why your support matters more than ever.

I hope you’ll consider pitching in to his re-election campaign. Every little bit counts.


Sen. Brian Schatz

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