Last night’s debate


Last night’s debate

Last night’s debate was a powerful reminder of the stakes in this election.

While I’m fighting for hardworking Ohioans, my opponent, multi-millionaire Congressman Jim Renacci, is only looking out for himself, the Trump White House, and the special interests.

The contrast in this race couldn’t be clearer. So I’m personally asking: Can you pitch in $5, $10, or match our average online contribution of $26 to help make sure we defend this Senate seat?

I talk to hardworking Ohioans every day — when I’m out grocery shopping with Connie, on a walk with the grandkids, or visiting a plant.

They are angry about decades of tax and trade policy rewarding corporations that shut down factories. They are angry that Washington cuts taxes for millionaires and then tells families they have to pay for it by taking cuts to their Social Security or working longer to get their Medicare.

And they have every right to be angry. Washington doesn’t respect the dignity of work. I do.

That’s why I’m so proud of this incredible grassroots team. It’s not built by the special interests — it’s made up of everyday Ohioans like you, working hard to make this campaign a success in November. Your support energizes me every day.

22 days left. If you’re as fired up as I am tonight, chip in whatever you can.

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