Here are the facts on the Senate’s banking bill


Here are the facts on the Senate’s banking bill

These headlines say it all: The banking bill currently in the Senate would not help hardworking Americans. Instead, it would roll back crucial rules put in place to prevent another financial crisis, act as a giveaway to big banks, and put taxpayers in jeopardy of bailing out Wall Street’s risky bets.

It’s critical we fight back against devastating legislation like this. That starts with making sure you’re informed. Read more about the bill from local and national news sources and then add your name to stand up to Wall Street with Sherrod.

“U.S. senators are planning to mark the 10th anniversary of Wall Street’s meltdown this year with a gift to the nation’s banks: a bill that would unravel regulations put in place after the crisis.”


“The big banks are buoyed by a White House and Congress that sees deregulation as an overarching goal.

That has helped fuel efforts to relax some post-crisis rules that toughened oversight on all banks, regardless of their size and the risk their stumbles could pose to the financial system.”

“Recall how suddenly the calamity of a decade ago appeared to land, reassuring words coming even as the housing market unraveled. That is why effective regulation is so crucial—as insurance against collective misjudgment.”


“Companies that are notorious for mistreating U.S. consumers could benefit from a bipartisan Senate bill that is supposed to protect those consumers.”


“The bipartisan Senate banking regulatory relief bill set for consideration Tuesday would slightly increase the risk of a bank bailout, Congress’ official budget office judged.”

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