Four things you can do right now to re-elect Sherrod


Four things you can do right now to re-elect Sherrod

There’s a lot of work ahead of us to defend Sherrod’s Senate seat. Success in November will depend on all of us stepping up and doing what we can. Here are four ways you can take action right now:


1. Register to vote

We have to show up at the polls for Sherrod on November 6. Register now, or check that your registration is up-to-date.


2. Chip in

In 2012, special interest groups spent millions of dollars in an attempt to defeat Sherrod. One online average contribution of $26 at a time, we beat back that outside spending. We need to do it again this year—pitch in whatever you can.


3. Sign up to volunteer

It’s no secret that we’ve got a lot to do before November. Sign up to volunteer now, and we’ll be in touch to follow up with ways you can get involved in your community.


4. Get five friends involved—ask them to sign up for Sherrod’s team

Share this link with five friends—help them get involved by signing up for updates, find out where to donate, or how to volunteer.