“Healthcare should be a top priority for every senator.”


“Healthcare should be a top priority for every senator.”

Sherrod is a champion for quality, affordable healthcare for all Ohioans—not just those at the top.

From fighting for the Affordable Care Act to protecting Medicaid expansion to defending the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Sherrod is a reliable, powerful voice in ensuring as many people as possible have the care they deserve.

Meanwhile, his opponent, Congressman Jim Renacci, has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (17 times), weaken Medicare, end Medicaid expansion, and cut $2 billion from CHIP.

This week, at a series of events holding Congressman Renacci accountable for his dangerous healthcare record, healthcare providers and advocates called on him to support CHIP, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, and Medicaid expansion, while emphasizing Sherrod’s record of fighting for Ohioans’ access to healthcare.

For many of the advocates who spoke this week, the Affordable Care Act—which Sherrod defends every day in the Senate—didn’t just change their professional lives, but affected them personally.

Diane Sakulich, a nurse whose daughter has a pre-existing condition, shared that before the Affordable Care Act became law, her daughter couldn’t get health insurance at a cost that would’ve also allowed her to afford rent.

“Illness and disease are not partisan,” Diane said. “They can’t distinguish between Republican and Democrat, rich or poor, young or old. Healthcare should be a top priority for every senator. Thankfully it is for Senator Brown.

Sherrod has consistently made defending Americans’ right to healthcare a priority. Last year, when Congress refused to reauthorize CHIP, he took the time to meet with families like Crystal Lett’s, who have benefited from the program.

“When CHIP came under attack last year, we looked for every opportunity to head to Washington to advocate for our family and for other families. That’s where we met with Senator Sherrod Brown,” Crystal said at an event this week. “He spent over an hour with us. Sherrod not only listened to us—he heard us. And that drove him to action. When I think about what I want out of a public servant or politician, it’s someone who hears his constituents and acts on their behalf. That’s exactly what Sherrod Brown did for our family.”

On the other hand, Congressman Renacci has consistently supported legislation that would have made it much more difficult for families like Crystal’s—and the millions of Americans relying on CHIP, Medicaid expansion, Medicare, and the ACA—to get the quality care they needed.

“This person may be one of the richest members of Congress, but he sure does not look like someone in Congress that will look out for the common Ohioans, for the children and babies that I take care of,” Dr. Donald Nguyen, a pediatric urologist and healthcare activist, said in Dayton this week.

As Kim Kelly, an advocate and Guardian for her 30-year-old son, put it: “Vote your conscience in November. Vote for Sherrod Brown.”

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