How Team Sherrod celebrated Earth Day:


How Team Sherrod celebrated Earth Day:

Last Saturday, Team Sherrod grabbed our gardening gloves and made our way to Goodale Park in Columbus, where we celebrated Earth Day by raking leaves, picking up trash, and getting the park ready for a busy summer.

As we worked, we talked to other volunteers and learned what Goodale Park means to them. Our parks are places for kids to play and neighbors to get together, and that’s not all: They help keep our air clean and filter out pollution from our waterways.

I was proud that we did our part to keep our community healthy, but I was reminded of the many Ohioans who live with pollution in their backyard or who don’t have access to clean air and water.

Luckily, Senator Sherrod Brown is fighting to make sure every Ohioan has access to a healthy environment and a place to get outside. He is making sure the Environmental Protection Agency has the tools to keep our air and water clean. And he’s working to protect Lake Erie, our rivers and streams, and our national park system.

On Saturday, we did our part to make our neighborhood cleaner and healthier. Every day, Sherrod does his part to keep our state safe and healthy for all Ohioans.

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