I saw Hamilton with Sherrod


I saw Hamilton with Sherrod

Hi! I’m Colleen, and last week, I won Team Sherrod’s contest to see a performance of Hamilton with the Senator!

I won’t lie: Before the show on Sunday, I was nervous. I was a little intimidated by the the thought of meeting Sherrod, who works so hard to support programs that make a big difference in my neighborhood.

Within the first few moments of meeting him, though, I was put at ease. He listened intently as my husband and I shared our stories. He asked us questions, and made sure he heard our answers.

I was struck by how genuine Sherrod is. He sincerely cares about families like mine, and that’s reflected in the work he does every day in the Senate. I hope you’ll consider pitching in to support him this fall.

Hamilton, of course, was amazing. But I couldn’t shake the concern that we are currently in a fight for the very soul of the country that Hamilton envisioned — all while I was sitting next to the Senator working so hard to protect the progress we’ve made.

We cannot afford to lose this fight. I’m confident that Sherrod will make sure we don’t.

That’s why I’m proud to support him. It’s why I’m registering voters, volunteering, and why I’ll continue chipping in to the campaign. I hope you will, too. Don’t throw away your shot to make a difference this fall — and to make sure we send Sherrod back to the Senate.

Thank you,


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